What is Reach Network?

Advertising technology

REACH Network is a professional cost per click network with a powerful backend and sustainable quality of traffic supply. If you're looking to reduce costs for audience acquisition it’s a perfect solution to match your business objectives.
Today, we offer Audience Development traffic for as little as $0.001. For direct response marketers (CPA and sales) we offer Full Screen traffic starting with $0.005

Why Reach Network?

Easy, reliable, cost-effective

Advertising on REACH Network is easy, reliable and cost-effective. Programmatic buying technology provides most accurate results to advertisers in a few clicks. You get access to best, unique and safe traffic sources in volumes. With a significant reduce of the ad spend. Up to 8x times.
The advanced targeting capabilities include geo location, browsers, parameters like time on site, page views and video views. Safety is ensured by hi-end ad verification partners: Integral Ad Science, Forensiq, Double Verify, MOAT and our proprietary filtering tool Norma.

Successful clicks with Reach Network today
Every day our advertisers get a multitude of quality clicks that contribute to their website performance. Become one of these successful advertisers!
Working with the major payment systems

We accept a variety of payment methods. You may pay with you card or Webmoney, carry out a bank transfer or pay using PayPal systems.