REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 13, 2014
2:48 pm

Traffic quality on REACH Network: Adometry score, Integral Ad science and Blocking Controls

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Fraud-free traffic is probably number one requirement when choosing a PPC network. So in this article we’ll explain all traffic quality assurance techniques that we currently apply on REACH Network. Briefly and accessibly.

The two pillars of fraud prevention system on REACH Network are Adometry and Integral Ad science – both experienced third-party companies offering complex fraud-fighting solutions. In addition to them we apply blocking controls that fend off ineligible users.

Adometry and Integral Ad Science

If you are already running campaigns on REACH Network, you’ve seen the following fields: Minimum Adometry score, Use Adometry blocklist, Enable Integral Ad Science and Maximum Suspicious Impressions rate.

Behind them there are major click fraud protection systems existing today: Adometry and Integral Ad Science. Now more details on what each field stands for.

Minimum Adometry score

The result of in-depth traffic analysis carried out by Adometry is traffic scoring. In other words, Adometry assigns score between 0 and 900 to traffic units/clicks with 900 corresponding to the best quality. The scoring is based on economic and technical attributes of each click (information about IP address, proxy server and others plus behavioral inputs) as well as historical data collected from thousands of publishers, advertisers and networks. Average Adometry score for REACH Network traffic is 300-400.

Use Adometry block list

Adometry regularly provides its clients with the lists of fraudulent IPs grouped by origin. The lists are updated regularly to provide you with the most up-to-date click fraud protection.

On REACH Network we merge these lists into one. You can apply this integrated blocklist by selecting a single checkbox Use Adometry blocklist.

Enable Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science is one of the most advanced suspicious activity detection product out there. We send clicks from every traffic source available on REACH Network to IAS platform. After they apply their fraud detection algorithms, a particular suspicious impressions rate is assigned to each source. We highly recommend enabling this option. In conjunction with Adometry score it brings sustainable quality and safe results.

Maximum Suspicious Impressions, %

This field is shown after you select the checkbox Enable Integral Ad Science. It allows setting particular threshold for invalid impressions rate. Say, you’ve chosen 20%. In this case you’ll get traffic from sources that feature suspicious impressions rate lower than 20%. 20% is the optimal rate we recommend to apply for REACH Network campaigns.

Additional quality controls on REACH Network

On REACH Network you may find options that may help you further minimize click fraud risk.

For example, Goal and optimization option allows very straightforward audience filtering. When you link your Google Analytics property to your REACH Network campaign, you get a chance to pay only for the engaged visitors (the visitors that browse many pages, spend a considerable amount of time on your website, play videos and suchlike).

In addition to that, you may also filter out particular IPs using IPs blocklist field and target specific geo regions under GEO Targeting. These further contribute to decrease in wasted ad spend.

Keep in mind, that we still offer the option not to apply quality controls. Just leave the corresponding fields blank to get a huge volume of unfiltered clicks. It’s up to you.

The benefits of fraud-free advertising

All the tools that we apply make traffic quality measurable and give you a chance to opt for the price-performance ratio that is optimal for your goals.

Apart from the obvious advantage of reduced wasted ad spend, you get a few more: your brand safety is ensured, plus your statistical reports demonstrate the actionable data you may use to define trends and further improve your advertising strategy.

So if you’ve decided to grow your website audience via PPC networks, make sure you invest your money in fraud-free advertising.

Update: Starting from August 1 we no longer apply Adometry controls due to Google’s acquisition of Adometry. We recommend applying Integral Ad Science instead. Also, you may want to test our IAS Firewall Audience traffic: all clicks are checked by IAS in real time, so the number of invalid clicks is close to zero.

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