REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
June 29, 2016
11:42 am

Top 5 Native Advertising Networks

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Today, more and more advertisers are using native advertising. It is less intrusive and converts better than the traditional advertising. Here is the list of the most popular native advertising networks in the market.

  1. Taboola
    Probably one of the most popular native advertising networks with advertisers and publishers alike, Taboola is a blog monetization platform. Taboola is giving article recommendations from other sites at the end of your content. The company pays you when people click on those links on your website. If you want to apply to Taboola as a publisher, you should have at least 10,000,000 Page Views monthly.

  2. Outbrain
    Outbrain serves about 200,000,000,000 recommendations per month. The platform also has real-time reporting as one of it’s features. Outbrain has a global reach of 557,000,000 people, and you can see your ads featured on sites like CNN, People and ESPN. Publishers may expect high CPC comparing to other native advertising platforms. However, it is difficult to get this network’s approval.

  3. Revcontnet
    Even though Rev Content is a relatively new network, they are growing at a high rate of 500% per year. They are delivering more than 100,000,000,000 recommendations per month and accept mostly big publishers.

  4. MGID
    They are not as common as other ad networks, but they are also producing impressive results. They claim to have more than 20,000 publishers and 30,000,000 Page Views per month, you can use them on your entertainment sites to yield maximum revenue. Advertising game related using this network content can bring a handsome profit.

  5. Adblade
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    One of the oldest native advertising networks. Adblade can boast the largest ad inventory among other networks. There are thousands of premium reputed websites using Adblade (for example, Fox News). However, you are a small publisher, it will be a bit difficult for you to get the approval of Adblade. So maybe you should consider other networks like Outbrain or MGID.

REACH Network features native advertising among its advertising options as well. We have traffic from many different networks and websites including the networks mentioned above. REACH Network makes use of proprietary optimization algorithms and combines them with 3rd party validation tools to achieve impressive results for its clients.

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