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REACH Network Team
August 26, 2016
8:53 pm

Quick Guide: Native Channel

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What is Native advertising?

Native advertising is a type of disguised advertising, usually online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. It offers high level of reader attention. It is created for paid promotion of a brand on a media site which includes editorial content such as a blog post or article.

This is how your ad will typically look like if you use native advertising:

Why choose Native?

  • Native ads receive more attention than banner ads
  • Descriptive headlines/texts can improve brand perception
  • Possibility to add brand logo and image to your ads
  • Less intrusive than traditional display ad

How to set up a Native advertising campaign?

Please go to the Campaigns page and select Get Native. You can add more campaigns later by clicking New campaign on the Campaigns page.

Basic Settings

  1. Enter the Destination URL of the website you want to advertise.
  2. Add Google Analytics tracking code if you would like to track sources, domain or medium.
  3. Add your Brand Name and Logo
  4. Enter Headline
  5. Provide an Image you would like to advertise
  6. Write your ad/product Description.
  7. Enter your Domain name
  8. Click “Add multiple ads” if you would like to have several creatives set at the same time under one campaign
  9. Click “Add another ad” if you would like to have one more creative set at the same time under one campaign
  10.  Select your Campaign Goal
  11. Set Max. CPM, $ (Minimum is 0.1$)
  12. Set your Budget. You can either set daily or lifetime budget. (Minimum daily budget is 5$)
  13. Select “Run my campaign continuously starting today” or set a “start and end date
  14. Set amount of Impressions per user per certain period of time
  15. Enable Geo targeting and selected required country and DMA region if needed
  16. Enter your Campaign Name
  17. Select Campaign Category from the list
  18. Select Supply partners from the list
  19. Select the Browser targeting checkbox if you want to target specific browsers.
  20. Select the OS and Device targeting checkbox if you want to target specific OSs and Devices.
  21. Select the Timetable checkbox if you need to specify certain hours or days when you want your ad to show.
  22. Select the Domains whitelist/blacklist checkbox if you want to add specific domains to the domains whitelist/blacklist.
  23. Select the IP whitelist/blacklist checkbox if you want to add specific IPs to the ip whitelist/blacklist.
  24. Enable Audience segments targeting if you would like to target users based on demographic data (age, gender, race, etc.) Note: you can select either “or” or “and” options, which means you want your users match either one or all of the selected segments.
  25. Select Contextual segments & filters checkbox if you are looking to enable such traffic security filters as Forensiq, Integral Ad Science or advanced in-house filtering (IP based fraud protection).

Note: there are 3 levels of quality within Forensiq and 4 filterings within IAS (Media Quality, Brand Safety, Viewability, IAB Contextual Segments), the cost of which is 0.10 CPM. However, you may select several IAS filtering levels and the cost still will be 0.10 CPM. The same with Forensiq. in-house filtering available for free.

After creating Native ad campaign and uploading creative, it takes up to 24 hours for us to approve it. Note that your creative will be approved only if it has a safe content. (We do not allow adult-oriented or age-restricted products or services without applicable or required age-verification services; promote illegal pornography, hate, violence, or vulgarity related or other “undesirable” subjects or activities)

Please take into consideration that we are approving your creative after you set up a campaign and after any change you make to a creative. It is required due to our security reasons. So you may either contact our account managers, or please wait up to 24 hours, and your Creative will be approved.

Case Study Results on Native traffic

Please check the following reports to see the information and the results on our client’s successful case study.

Here you may see average ROI percentage (157%) on browser games within our network.


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