REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
July 14, 2016
11:09 am

Top Articles of the Week – Customer Support & Marketing

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REACH Network offers a white label reseller platform called AdMachine. AdMachine white label platform allows you to build up and run a profitable advertising business. And we are strong believers that marketing and working with customers is a necessary part of a business strategy.

That’s why we prepared these templates that you can use to market your platform and talk to your customers.


REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
June 29, 2016
11:42 am

Top 5 Native Advertising Networks

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Today, more and more advertisers are using native advertising. It is less intrusive and converts better than the traditional advertising. Here is the list of the most popular native advertising networks in the market.


REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
June 21, 2016
12:24 pm

Major Cable Network Gains Additional 8 Million Video Views During Holiday Season, Reduces Media Acquisition Costs by 27%

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We started working with the client in the end of 2013. The goal was to increase video engagement of their online content posted for free viewing on their website.

KPIs: Maximize reach while keeping Cost per Click less than $0.015, and Video Starts per Click at 0.9.


REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 13, 2014
2:48 pm

Traffic quality on REACH Network: Adometry score, Integral Ad science and Blocking Controls

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Fraud-free traffic is probably number one requirement when choosing a PPC network. So in this article we’ll explain all traffic quality assurance techniques that we currently apply on REACH Network. Briefly and accessibly.

The two pillars of fraud prevention system on REACH Network are Adometry and Integral Ad science – both experienced third-party companies offering complex fraud-fighting solutions. In addition to them we apply blocking controls that fend off ineligible users. More on traffic quality

REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
April 4, 2014
12:59 pm

Introducing New Traffic Sources on REACH Network

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Once a month we will be posting best performing traffic sources here in our blog, as well as in a newsletter to our advertisers. Follow updates regularly for most updated traffic sources to whitelist.

To get maximum quality traffic you can choose between these 2 options.

1. Here is a list of proven quality traffic sources for Audience (PV/TOS) traffic type. Keep in mind that the volume is limited and higher bids win traffic.

Whitelist these sources IDs in your campaign setup by copypasting the whole list to Whitelist sources field. Find page views, time on site, geo and optimal bid data in the spreadsheet.

Click to see the 2nd option

REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
January 13, 2014
6:03 pm

A Peek into the World of 2nd Tier PPC Networks

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In case you’ve checked our PPC dictionary, you probably know what 2nd tier networks are. Basically these are the networks other than the three major PPC engines Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Advertising. The technology they are using and the tasks they deal with are so different, that it’s really hard to give a short and precise definition of what 2nd tier networks are.

That is why we’ve decided to analyze 50 2nd tier PPC search engines to paint you a picture of 2tier PPC world. We came across these names on PPC forums and Q&A websites. Our list includes well-established networks like Value click Media as well as small new ones that were only founded last year. We suggest you check our research and get the idea of how versatile the world of 2nd tier PPC networks is.

You may find the actual list of networks that we’ve analyzed at the end of this article.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
December 23, 2013
10:48 am

UTM Tags and How They Benefit PPC Advertising

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You know how sometimes when shopping you need to make a little effort to get a bonus. Like, you may fill in a questionnaire and get a discount card. It’s similar with UTM tags: you need to modify your click URL just a little to be able to get loads of valuable statistics in addition to your cool PPC campaign results. So let’s just see what UTM tags are all about and how they can make your life easier.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
December 16, 2013
3:18 pm

4 Ways to Save Money With PPC Advertising

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You open your account on a PPC Network, check the balance history and… Oh, my God! Where has all your money gone? Familiar? Well, that’s a nightmare almost every PPC-er has had at least once in a lifetime. So let’s make sure this never happens to you in reality. Here is what you should do not to let an extra PPC dollar wasted.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
December 2, 2013
9:32 am

Smart PPC Campaign Budgeting

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Setting an advertising budget sometimes feels like playing a lottery: it’s exciting, you may lose everything but you can also earn way more than you have spent. PPC advertising is all about winning: you control so many parameters that you know in advance how your money will pay off. Read on to find out a few PPC management secrets!

Basically setting you campaign budget is a very structured process. We’ll demonstrate how it’s done in REACH Network system but you may probably apply this strategy in other networks as well.


Setting PPC budget consists of four easy steps: defining campaign goals, deciding on the traffic quality, carrying out a test to define the possible conversion rate and calculating your monthly/quarterly/daily budget.
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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
November 25, 2013
9:57 am

Are You Making These 6 PPC Mistakes?

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Mistakes are inevitable. Especially if you are new to PPC. A great way to avoid them is reading common mistakes check-lists once in a while. So read the one here to become a better PPC advertiser.


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