REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
September 28, 2016
12:51 am

New Traffic Channel Available: Display

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We have released one more traffic channel – Display. It means that now you have access to another source of high quality traffic.

Display is a traffic channel that refers to banner ads and includes many popular formats to reach the targeted audience.

Display ads are either relevant to  the content of a site, or they appeal to the website audience. Display traffic has large volume potential for well converting campaigns and is especially suitable for offers that target a mass audience.

Display traffic may be targeted by different Carriers, by OS and devices, such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and others. Audience targeting is available to target specific visitors to gain the leads according to your offer.

How to be creative with your banner ad:

  • Be visually stimulating
  • Be experimental, yet complementary
  • Be wary of being interruptive
  • Be direct
  • Stick to the standard sizes that have been found to be most successful.(336×280 or 300×250 pixel rectangles, 300×600 pixel half-page ads, and 728×90 or 320×110 pixel banners)
  • Don’t make the design too complex. With limited space, you don’t want users to be confused about where to look.
  • Maintain consistency with colors, text and button positioning.
  • Make the message you are trying to convey clear and immediately readable.

Basic Settings

  1. Enter the Destination URL of the website you want to advertise.
  2. Add Google Analytics tracking code if you would like to track sources, domain or medium.
  3. Select the Size of an Image from the drop-down list
  4. Upload an Image you would like to advertise
  5. Enter your Domain name
  6. Click “Add another ad” if you would like to have one more creative set at the same time under one campaign
  7. Click Duplicate icon to copy the ad you created
  8. Select your Campaign Goal
  9. Set Max. CPM, $ (Minimum is 1$)
  10. Set your Budget. You can either set daily or lifetime budget. (Minimum daily budget is 5$)
  11. Select “Run my campaign continuously starting today” or set a “start and end date”
  12. Set amount of Impressions per user per certain period of time
  13. Enable Geo targeting and select required country and DMA region if needed
  14. Enter your Campaign Name
  15. Select Campaign Category from the list
  16. Select Supply partners from the list
  17. Select the Browser targeting checkbox if you want to target specific browsers.
  18. Select the OS and Device targeting checkbox if you want to target specific OSes and Devices.
  19. Select the Timetable checkbox if you need to specify certain hours or days when you want your ad to show.
  20. Select the Domains whitelist/blacklist checkbox if you want to add specific domains to the domains whitelist/blacklist.
  21. Select the IP whitelist/blacklist checkbox if you want to add specific IPs to the ip whitelist/blacklist.
  22. Enable Audience segments targeting if you would like to target users based on demographic data (age, gender, race, etc.) Note: you can select either “or” or “and” options, which means you want your users match either one or all of the selected segments.
  23. Select Contextual segments & filters checkbox if you are looking to enable such traffic security filters as Forensiq, Integral Ad Science or advanced in-house filtering (IP based fraud protection).

Note: there are 3 levels of quality within Forensiq and 4 filterings within IAS (Media Quality, Brand Safety, Viewability, IAB Contextual Segments), the cost of which is 0.10 CPM. However, you may select several IAS filtering levels and the cost still will be 0.10 CPM. The same with Forensiq. But IAS and Forensiq filterings costs will be summed up (0.20 CPM). in-house filtering available for free.

Please shoot us an email at or send a message via live chat if you have any questions.

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