REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
June 21, 2016
12:24 pm

Major Cable Network Gains Additional 8 Million Video Views During Holiday Season, Reduces Media Acquisition Costs by 27%

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We started working with the client in the end of 2013. The goal was to increase video engagement of their online content posted for free viewing on their website.

KPIs: Maximize reach while keeping Cost per Click less than $0.015, and Video Starts per Click at 0.9.


Average CPC, $

Video Starts

Average Video Starts per Click

Page Views

Average Pageviews per Click

8 205 686


8 181 937


19 201 868


After teaming up with us at REACH Network, by January 2014 the client achieved fantastic results and saw a significant increase in video views of their online shows, as well as in ad revenue. As a result, the client received 8 million video starts, decreasing costs by 27% and gaining 10% more Video Starts per Click over the initial campaign goal.

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