REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
April 4, 2014
12:59 pm

Introducing New Traffic Sources on REACH Network

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Once a month we will be posting best performing traffic sources here in our blog, as well as in a newsletter to our advertisers. Follow updates regularly for most updated traffic sources to whitelist.

To get maximum quality traffic you can choose between these 2 options.

1. Here is a list of proven quality traffic sources for Audience (PV/TOS) traffic type. Keep in mind that the volume is limited and higher bids win traffic.

Whitelist these sources IDs in your campaign setup by copypasting the whole list to Whitelist sources field. Find page views, time on site, geo and optimal bid data in the spreadsheet.

2. Also you can expand traffic volume by working on your Google Analytics stats. By doing this you discover sources that fully match your advertising goals.The volume of cheaper clicks in this case may be bigger, because system works on your numbers and competition for the same traffic sources may be smaller.

Sync your campaign to Google Analytics according to this pdf manual. In such a way system keeps only the best performing sources.

Implement these easy techniques and enjoy better advertising experience with REACH Network!

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