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REACH Network Team
May 4, 2018
8:08 am

5 ways to get website traffic

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Let’s say you’ve made a new website or blog. You’re generating content but you have no views, nobody sees your work. That’s embarrassing and may even demotivate you enough to stop doing what you do.

Even more. It’s difficult to work for living and generate content in decent amounts. But you can’t make any money on ads, since you have almost no views.

There are a couple of ways to get website traffic from simple to complicated and from paid to free. Lets see what you can do.

Social media

First thing you should do is to launch your groups in your country most popular social media. Not only they help you build a community around your website, but they also make a great SEO impact on your website pages or articles.

Create the groups, repost your content there, add some more light social-media-only content to entertain your users. Don’t forget to invite your friends to your groups of course.

Another way to use social media is looking for relevant groups and posting direct links to your articles there. But don’t be spammy, just post a couple a week in the same group and try to explain why your article is worth reading.


Duplicate your blog to Medium. It’s a blog article platform that helps users get relevant content easier. Blogs and articles are separated by tags and topics to make it simple.

The thing is, it’s a social media of some kind, it helps your website get SEO ranking, new readers and boost your website traffic at the same time. So launch it and connect it to your website or blog for autoposting.


Quora is a question-answer service. If you answer any questions in your articles or your website solves any problems, you should find relevant questions and suggest your content. If you generate really good pieces of content, and we assume you do, you’ll get a bunch of upvotes and appreciation.

Quora also has a blog service, that works same way as Medium. So make a copy-blog there also.


Forums are dead. Really? Well no. There is still a huge amounts of people lurking through blogs, talking and sharing content. Especially if your website topic is specific or technological you’ll certainly find relevant forums to post. We’re serious, there are still tonns of traffic on those forums.

Reddit is also a forum though, but a bit like Quora.

Cheap website traffic

All those methods are free, but they will probably take some time. You can get sudden big amount of traffic from those but you can’t be sure.

To get much traffic for your website fast you can use cheap traffic sources. That will help you boost your website viewability, SEO ranking and even launch some ads and make money. There is a really cheap source of traffic which may be even cheaper than what you will make from your own ads.

It’s a common technology many young websites and big brands both use to boost ad income and visits. Try that and see the traffic flow.

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