REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
July 22, 2016
11:04 am

DSP2 Introduction

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We are excited to introduce you our new platform. While it is still in the beta, it provides various targeting features and mobile, video and native inventory from all major SSPs.

Campaign creation menu consists of three tabs: Details, Site Lists and Strategies.

The middle one – Site Lists –  allows to add whitelists or blacklists of websites.

The Details tab determines CPM, budgeting and frequency capping. The budget you set on the Details tab is a global budget. It means the total budget of all strategies can’t exceed the budget that you set on the details page. The same goes for the rest of the settings.

The Strategies tab allows you to choose GEO, bid, carriers, categories and creatives. You can have multiple strategies in one campaign and multiple creatives in one strategy.

While these features will eventually be added to the Simple/AdMachine you can experience them right now. Just contact your REACH Network/AdMachine account manager today to request access to the new platform.

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