REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 17, 2018
11:55 am

How to get views on YouTube fast?

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Imagine you made a video for YouTube and you want to get some views right away. YouTube has it’s own promotion tools. You can promote it through AdWords or some other 3rd party network.

There are also organic views, that you get when setting right title, description and preview. If you want to get organic YouTube veiws, you should upload a custom preview picture to catch users attention and create a click baiting title. Don’t just describe what happens in the video, imagine the title that you’d like to click yourself.

Fill in the description with all imaginable keywords related to your topic. Creating subtitles will also help finding your video on YouTube.

The thing is, YouTube video views are just page views but with certain time spent on the page. Reach network special algorithms allow you to optimize traffic for your KPIs. So you can set desirable pageview time and system will send you only those users, who are most likely to view the video.

Using RON traffic you can get about 1000 views for only $5. It’s a good price for fast real views on YouTube and it’s much cheaper than regular google ads. Sign up and get the views going!


REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
October 25, 2013
10:05 am

Ultimate PPC Dictionary − Know Before You Pay-Per-Click

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If you are a newbie to PPC business it may be hard for you to grasp the meaning of all the PPC-related terms. What makes things even worse is that different networks may assign the same terms to slightly different concepts and PPC phenomena. To make you feel completely at ease in the PPC world here we are introducing our special PPC glossary.


2nd tier PPC Network PPC Networks other than Google, Yahoo and Bing (these three are called 1st tier networks). As a rule they offer lower prices than 1st tier networks. Even if you run successful Google Adwords campaign, starting one in a 2nd tier network may help you diversify your ad placements and connect to small search engines and unique publishers that you otherwise won’t be able to reach.

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