REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 22, 2018
10:10 am

How to filter bot traffic?

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Programmatic is crowded with bot traffic. Publishers or even SSPs try to earn more, adding it to the flow. This way they get more money from advertisers but lower traffic quality and convertion ratio.

Unfortunately there is no single button to switch bot traffic off, but there is a way to filter and block it in your advertising campaigns.

We’ve developed a special script, that you need to place on your target page. The script will count users activity. For example how much pages they visit and how much time they spend on your website.

It can also count conversions, video views or any other target activity you want to achieve.

The script together with optimization rules will help you block traffic sources, that deliver you more bot traffic, than organic. You may do that by hand, but it’s a ton of work, better let our system do that for you. You can see the blacklists and whitelists any time and fix them if you think something is not OK.

Easiest way to lower bounce rate is to set optimization rules to block all sources with high bounce rate and 0 or close to 0 pageview time. Same thing applies to conversion rate and it works the same way.

Remember, there is no traffic sources with no bots at all. Internet is full of bots, even intelligent enough to bypass that filter, but you’ll get much cleaner traffic using our solution.

We highly recommend to use our script when buying RON traffic. It’s the best way to get cheap and good quality traffic.

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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 13, 2018
8:51 pm

3 ways to get cheap traffic

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There are a couple of ways to get free traffic for your blog or website, but they take a lot of time usually. If you need some traffic fast, but still very cheap, you can try using these 3 methods.

Pop traffic

Pop-up and pop-under traffic is usually not expensive even from major traffic vendors. You can get 1000 clicks for just 10 dollars, which is quite cheap. Pop traffic may still be targeted and filtered by source. You should also optimize it to get desired actions from users. Installs, sign ups, etc.

Minor traffic sources

Another way to get cheap traffic is using minor sources from native and display channels. One can say that small websites and apps don’t have good traffic. But thats an ad myth. There are a couple of facts, that mean just the opposite.

First. Small new websites try to build a live community to spread content organically. So they have a high percentage of live engaged traffic for you to get.

Second. Small websites are afraid to use bot traffic since they can easily get banned by SSPs or ad networks. Bot traffic can also destroy their SEO completely.

Never the less their traffic is much cheaper than that from major vendors.

Cheap audience traffic

Audience or Run of network traffic from all networks you can reach. It’s even about 2 times cheaper than Pop traffic, but it still can be good. There is less targeting options for RON but you can filter traffic by source. You’ll have to spend some time to get only good quality traffic, but as a reward you’ll get cheap traffic.

You may try all of those methods on REACH Network and decide which one is better.

REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 4, 2018
8:08 am

5 ways to get website traffic

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Let’s say you’ve made a new website or blog. You’re generating content but you have no views, nobody sees your work. That’s embarrassing and may even demotivate you enough to stop doing what you do.

Even more. It’s difficult to work for living and generate content in decent amounts. But you can’t make any money on ads, since you have almost no views.

There are a couple of ways to get website traffic from simple to complicated and from paid to free. Lets see what you can do.

Social media

First thing you should do is to launch your groups in your country most popular social media. Not only they help you build a community around your website, but they also make a great SEO impact on your website pages or articles.

Create the groups, repost your content there, add some more light social-media-only content to entertain your users. Don’t forget to invite your friends to your groups of course.

Another way to use social media is looking for relevant groups and posting direct links to your articles there. But don’t be spammy, just post a couple a week in the same group and try to explain why your article is worth reading.


Duplicate your blog to Medium. It’s a blog article platform that helps users get relevant content easier. Blogs and articles are separated by tags and topics to make it simple.

The thing is, it’s a social media of some kind, it helps your website get SEO ranking, new readers and boost your website traffic at the same time. So launch it and connect it to your website or blog for autoposting.


Quora is a question-answer service. If you answer any questions in your articles or your website solves any problems, you should find relevant questions and suggest your content. If you generate really good pieces of content, and we assume you do, you’ll get a bunch of upvotes and appreciation.

Quora also has a blog service, that works same way as Medium. So make a copy-blog there also.


Forums are dead. Really? Well no. There is still a huge amounts of people lurking through blogs, talking and sharing content. Especially if your website topic is specific or technological you’ll certainly find relevant forums to post. We’re serious, there are still tonns of traffic on those forums.

Reddit is also a forum though, but a bit like Quora.

Cheap website traffic

All those methods are free, but they will probably take some time. You can get sudden big amount of traffic from those but you can’t be sure.

To get much traffic for your website fast you can use cheap traffic sources. That will help you boost your website viewability, SEO ranking and even launch some ads and make money. There is a really cheap source of traffic which may be even cheaper than what you will make from your own ads.

It’s a common technology many young websites and big brands both use to boost ad income and visits. Try that and see the traffic flow.

REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
April 26, 2018
10:41 am

Why buy RON traffic (run-of-network)

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Digital traffic market is huge. Hundreds of ad networks, thousands of websites and apps, millions of users and billions of impressions. There are also thousands and thousands of advertisers buying traffic and running ads.

Usually advertising networks and DSPs give a lot of targeting options. Well at least you can choose the websites and apps you want to run ads, country, town or even a single house.

It’s a matter of a second and even less for the whole ad network system to decide what to do with each single impression. Well if the impression is bought, banner shows up and there is nothing special about it. But what happens to traffic that nobody bought?

RON traffic

There is a large amount of traffic, nobody placed a bid at. That traffic is called run-of-network (RON) traffic, audience traffic or seo-traffic. So, it’s quite obvious why it’s called run-of-network, but why all the other names?

Some advertisers call it SEO-traffic since it’s cheap traffic for rising new websites SEO. Ad networks sometimes sell 100 000 clicks for $5, so you see how cheap you can boost your website visitors. But for the lowest price you’ll probably get quite poor quality.

Why audience traffic? Well it’s just not to call it RON, since many people associate it with something bad.

RON traffic is not always bad. It’s just a mix of traffic of very different quality and usually you have no ability to choose it or somehow influence it’s quality. Some networks filter out the worst bot traffic and provide OK but still very cheap traffic though. You can also test different traffic sources to optimize your spend and increase performance.

So why people buy RON traffic if it’s so unpredictable. Well, it’s a very cheap kind of traffic and you can put it to good use if you know what to do.

First, run-of-network traffic is OK for brand awareness and for testing your hypothesis on wide audience. You show your ads to a bunch of completely different people and see how it performs. As mentioned above, it’s also good for boosting SEO a bit if you have international website and it doesn’t make much difference what traffic to drive there.

But are there any ways to filter junk traffic and get only the good part of the audience? We’ll tell about that in our next blog post!

REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
July 14, 2016
11:09 am

Top Articles of the Week – Customer Support & Marketing

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REACH Network offers a white label reseller platform called AdMachine. AdMachine white label platform allows you to build up and run a profitable advertising business. And we are strong believers that marketing and working with customers is a necessary part of a business strategy.

That’s why we prepared these templates that you can use to market your platform and talk to your customers.


REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
June 29, 2016
11:42 am

Top 5 Native Advertising Networks

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Today, more and more advertisers are using native advertising. It is less intrusive and converts better than the traditional advertising. Here is the list of the most popular native advertising networks in the market.


REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
January 13, 2014
6:03 pm

A Peek into the World of 2nd Tier PPC Networks

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In case you’ve checked our PPC dictionary, you probably know what 2nd tier networks are. Basically these are the networks other than the three major PPC engines Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Advertising. The technology they are using and the tasks they deal with are so different, that it’s really hard to give a short and precise definition of what 2nd tier networks are.

That is why we’ve decided to analyze 50 2nd tier PPC search engines to paint you a picture of 2tier PPC world. We came across these names on PPC forums and Q&A websites. Our list includes well-established networks like Value click Media as well as small new ones that were only founded last year. We suggest you check our research and get the idea of how versatile the world of 2nd tier PPC networks is.

You may find the actual list of networks that we’ve analyzed at the end of this article.


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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
November 11, 2013
9:30 am

Uncommon Ways to Use RON Traffic Marketing

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The restriction to only text ads in RON campaigns may scare off those who like to get creative with videos and banners, but little they know about numerous creative goals RON ads can be applied to achieve.


We’ve recently come across a few posts on how to use Search traffic ads creatively. That inspired us to make a similar list for RON traffic advertising (that’s because we are so good with RON traffic). So here are the five unusual RON application areas.

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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
October 21, 2013
11:30 am

Building up Brand Recognition: RON Traffic Campaigns VS TV Ads

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Have you heard the forecast about the decreasing role of TV in 2013? Finally the statement that TV is more popular than digital media no longer holds true.

According to the recent figures, now an average American spends just four and a half hours in front of the TV every day. Whereas more than five hours are spent viewing media on digital devices like tablets, smartphones and feature phones. In fact 2013 is the first year when digital devices have finally outrun TV as the major information source in the USA. And there is a particularly evident growth in smartphone and tablet usage.

Average Time Spent per Day with Major Media by US Adults, 2010-2013



What television is really good at from an advertiser’s point of view is building brand recognition. If you think about it, you will realize that you first learned about many of the brands you now use from TV commercials. Now marketers need to look for digital alternatives to TV ads – and we do think that RON traffic campaigns might be it. Despite the big difference in the ways that the ad messages are delivered, both advertising channels have a lot in common. We’ll know try to explain why RON ads are no less efficient at brand recognition building than TV commercials.

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