REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
September 7, 2016
2:41 pm

REACH Network Case Study – 1 CPA offer + Native ads traffic = $ 5 735 Profit

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How to Make $ 5 735 Profit in 17 days With Just One Browser Game CPA Offer with 213.59% ROI Using REACH Network.

We started working with Naruto Online, a browser game ( in summer of 2016. The goal was to get sign ups, reach maximum possible conversion rate and ROI.

KPIs: Maximize conversions number, while keeping Cost per Conversion less than $1.98.

CPA network:
Offer: Naruto (US SOI)
Payout: $ 1.98
Period:  26.07.16 – 12.08.16
Traffic Channel: Native
Country Targeted: US
Tracking Platform: REACH Network Pixel and Postback URL tracking
Number of custom creatives: 150
Number of landing pages: 6


After running multiple ad campaigns, using 6 landing pages, 150 variations of creatives, all through REACH Network media buying interface we managed to achieve fantastic results.

With a positive ROI of 213.59% and a total number of conversions of 4 248 a profit of $ 5 735 was made.

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REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
June 21, 2016
12:24 pm

Major Cable Network Gains Additional 8 Million Video Views During Holiday Season, Reduces Media Acquisition Costs by 27%

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We started working with the client in the end of 2013. The goal was to increase video engagement of their online content posted for free viewing on their website.

KPIs: Maximize reach while keeping Cost per Click less than $0.015, and Video Starts per Click at 0.9.