REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
December 16, 2013
3:18 pm

4 Ways to Save Money With PPC Advertising

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You open your account on a PPC Network, check the balance history and… Oh, my God! Where has all your money gone? Familiar? Well, that’s a nightmare almost every PPC-er has had at least once in a lifetime. So let’s make sure this never happens to you in reality. Here is what you should do not to let an extra PPC dollar wasted.


Start your testing with lower bids

It’s common practice to start your PPC campaigns with a short test. But don’t place a tremendous bid at this initial stage. It’s a good idea to choose a bid that is a little higher than the minimal one. This way your ad will be displayed more often, but placing a bid that is ten times higher than the minimum is, obviously, overkill. If you can reach the same results with less money, why pay more? Raise your bid little by little.
At the same time don’t place a very low bid. If it can’t withstand the competition, it will rarely appear on the publishers’ websites and you’ll have to wait long before you reach your advertising goals. And, as we all know, time is money.

Check whether your PPC network offers overdraft option

Sometimes it’s good to have an overdraft option: if you forget to top up the balance, your campaigns will still be running and your advertising goals will be turning into the fulfilled ones. But what if you are pressed for money? In this case it’s better to make sure that if you are out of funds, the system will pause your campaigns.

Set daily spending limit

Another way to secure yourself from unwanted money losses is to set a daily spending cap. Even if the PPC system breaks down and it starts allowing overdraft, your daily spending cap will make sure that you’ll spend just what you’ve planned to spend. So even if you have $20 left on your account and that is what you plan on spending today, write 20 into the daily spending cap field. Just in case.

Check your campaign performance regularly

Even if something seems to be going smoothly, it may all change in the blink of an eye. Many users set up the campaign and then seem to forget that it exists and their money is being spent. But successful PPC campaign requires your constant control.

Making setting adjustments here and there, changing your ad text to breathe some fresh air into your ad – there is a lot you can do to optimize your campaign.

Provided that you keep in mind these four simple tips and apply them, your PPC spending patterns will become smarter and more reasonable.

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