REACH Network Team
REACH Network Team
May 13, 2018
8:51 pm

3 ways to get cheap traffic

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There are a couple of ways to get free traffic for your blog or website, but they take a lot of time usually. If you need some traffic fast, but still very cheap, you can try using these 3 methods.

Pop traffic

Pop-up and pop-under traffic is usually not expensive even from major traffic vendors. You can get 1000 clicks for just 10 dollars, which is quite cheap. Pop traffic may still be targeted and filtered by source. You should also optimize it to get desired actions from users. Installs, sign ups, etc.

Minor traffic sources

Another way to get cheap traffic is using minor sources from native and display channels. One can say that small websites and apps don’t have good traffic. But thats an ad myth. There are a couple of facts, that mean just the opposite.

First. Small new websites try to build a live community to spread content organically. So they have a high percentage of live engaged traffic for you to get.

Second. Small websites are afraid to use bot traffic since they can easily get banned by SSPs or ad networks. Bot traffic can also destroy their SEO completely.

Never the less their traffic is much cheaper than that from major vendors.

Cheap audience traffic

Audience or Run of network traffic from all networks you can reach. It’s even about 2 times cheaper than Pop traffic, but it still can be good. There is less targeting options for RON but you can filter traffic by source. You’ll have to spend some time to get only good quality traffic, but as a reward you’ll get cheap traffic.

You may try all of those methods on REACH Network and decide which one is better.

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